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Interlinked's bot policy is designed to be simple, easy to follow, and friendly to bot owners whilst ensuring others are not annoyed by it. We take a compromise approach to bots — they are tolerated, but they must follow simple rules to prevent annoying people.

We do not have a per-server bot policy — it is network-wide, like all policies.

Bot rules

  2. They must follow Interlinked's network rules
  3. Flooding in any way, including (but certainly not limited to) ASCII art, excessive information, and mass highlights, is prohibited — exceptions granted to bots limited to their own channel
  4. If the bot is in active development and will be exiting a lot, please do it in its own channel
  5. All chatbots, babblers, markov chainers, and similar, must have a chatbot/$nick spoof, so they may be easily ignored
  6. Unsolicited private messages are prohibited
  7. Channels may set other bot policies in addition to this
  8. Bots should always identify to NickServ


  • We don't need any more chatbots, really
  • Please consider if your bot is really necessary — services can usually manage a channel just fine, and we aren't cleaning up your mess when it gets taken over because you're adverse to services
  • You may consider asking a bot owner to join an existing bot to your channel
  • It is advised bots respond to CTCP version for filtering purposes


We reserve the right to disconnect or k-line a bot at any time for any reason if it becomes irritating or breaks the rules.