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Here's a list of common questions about Interlinked.

If your question isn't answered here, join #interlinked and berate us for being insensitive to your needs ask about it there. If it's a really good question, it might be added here.

What are Interlinked's servers' addresses?

All of our functioning client servers are part of the round-robin address

We also provide regional round-robins:,, and These are not kept up to date and may only contain a server.

For load balancing reasons (and because some of our server names are really silly) we recommend against connecting to specific client servers.

Does your network support SSL/TLS?

Yes. All servers on the network support SSL on port 6697. Port 9999 is also supported, but 6697 is the de facto standard.

In addition, all server-to-server links over the Internet are protected using SSL.

STARTTLS is currently not supported.

How do I know that the certificate I'm seeing is correct?

Note: this information was valid as of 14 Dec. 2014.

The servers all use a wildcard certificate issued by StartCom Class 2 Primary Intermediate Server CA.

Please see your client's documentation for how to set up certificate verification.

Due to security limitations of wildcard certificates, certificate verification will fail for the regional round robins, but it will still work for

Subject and Issuer

  • Subject:
    • description=fqrIjluTX3HNhw6z, C=GB, ST=Merseyside, L=Wirral, O=Andrew Northall, CN=*
  • Issuer:
    • C=IL, O=StartCom Ltd., OU=Secure Digital Certificate Signing, CN=StartCom Class 2 Primary Intermediate Server CA


  • SHA-1:
    • 37:20:C2:91:C5:FA:04:70:66:8B:C0:8A:B3:23:69:AA:9D:CD:70:B7
  • SHA-256:
    • 1C:19:0B:F7:07:0C:C9:48:14:62:C3:DD:FA:22:CE:6A:F9:BA:C2:79:17:D0:9A:11:06:EF:C3:FC:45:83:60:DE

What software does Interlinked use?

All of our servers run Charybdis.

We use Atheme for services.

What other services does Interlinked provide?

We have an XMPP server. Ask about it in #interlinked/

Can I be an operator?

Yes. You can also have a permanent k-line.