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Behind every IRC network is a team of IRC operators. We are run a little differently than others - Interlinked is a collective organisation whose network administrators own and operate the IRC network as a group. Like freenode, the operators are all involved and work together as a collective. Unlike freenode, every network administrator has a stake in this network and are dedicated as such.

To speak to an IRC operator, please use /stats p and select an online operator, or use /msg HelpServ request Put the nature of your inquiry here.



These are the owners of Interlinked with their real names:

Network Administrators

These are the administrative team for Interlinked:

  • matthew (Matthew Barksdale)
  • rwg (Adam LaMay)

IRC operators

These are moderators of the network - they hold no stake other than what they have volunteered.

Currently, there are no operators who are not also administrators.

Former operators

These are people who volunteered as operators in the past:

  • somasonic (Andrew N, netadmin)
  • Rylee (Rylee Elise Fowler, netadmin)
  • Seppy (Robert Wilby, oper)
  • aji (Alex J Iadicicco, oper)
  • PlauSocks (oper)
  • Mismagius (Amy Iwata)
  • alyx (Alyx Wolcott)