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Interlinked has an interwoven history with other networks. It is the conglomeration of SporksNet, WooMoo, and Arinity.


SporksNet was an IRC network started by Elizacat, CorgiDude, lstarnes, Luke Chandler (CeilingCat/X), AnMaster (now Vorpal), and rwg, on the morning of 18 March 2010. It was created to host #sporks, which at that time had overstayed its welcome on Nocebo and we decided it was time to create our own network.

The network waxed and waned, was part of Janus for a while starting about June 2010, which was a general pain in the arse (ok it was absolute Hell I admit it). We left Janus in August or September 2010.


WooMoo was started by alyx and matthew and stuff sometime in 2010, kinda a continuation of SpartaIRC - which was a network originating from #sparta-test on Freenode. How a channel for testing an IRC bot became an IRC net, I don't remember. But apparently it did. If anyone else remembers any other important details, please fill them in.

Oh also, amnjo is an ugly nasty cunt with a face illegal even on the radio owned the domain.


In November 2010, SporksNet was merged with WooMoo, creating SporksMoo. Servers were slowly transitioned to the domain, then Not much happened during this time and the network even started to stagnate.


Arinity was a network that alyx and matthew created sometime in 2011-2012. I don't know much about it either. Alyx tells me it was WooMoo rehashed.

OSPNet joined arinity in 2012.


And finally we have Interlinked, the combination of Arinity and SporksMoo. alyx and Elizacat did most of the merger. OSPNet left very quickly because dwfreed is a controlling uncooperative drama queen for various reasons.

After the return of andy (somasonic), the network once again flourished to new heights.