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The rules on Interlinked are few, but strictly enforced. Please obey the rules at all times.


The network rules are pretty simple to follow.

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Don't do anything illegal.
  3. Bots must follow the bot policy.


This outlines some of the possible penalties for rule breaking. Anything not listed, but is otherwise an instance of being a dick, is left to operator discretion.

Repeat offenses result in a doubling of the penalty or an escalation to a k:line for second offenses, and a minimum 1 month k:line or tripling of the duration (whichever is greater) for the third and beyond.

Rule Penalty/duration of k:line
Harassment of other users 1 week k:line minimum
Spamming/flooding 1 day k:line minimum for non-malicious, 2 weeks minimum for malicious
Ban evasion 3 day k:line minimum, 2 week maximum (except for repeat offenders)
Not following the bot policy Warning for first offense, 1 day minimum k:line of the bot itself thereafter, 1 week k:line minimum of the owner for repeat offenses
Rule lawyering Warning on first offense, 3 day k:line minimum thereafter
Offensive nickname SQLINE/RESV of the offensive nickname, 1 week k:line minimum for repeat offenses
Habitual disregard for multiple channels' rules 2 week k:line minimum
Trolling 2 week k:line minimum
Spamming with bots 1 month k:line minimum
Trading of child pornography Permanent k:line
Illegal activity (not otherwise specified) 1 year k:line minimum


K:Lines may be appealed to any opers off-network via email or another IRC network. Do not evade the ban to appeal the K:Line (unless you are obviously innocent and a victim of collateral damage) or the duration of your K:Line may be lengthened and possibly made permanent!

"Don't be a dick" is fuzzy on purpose - we do not abuse it (only 3 K:lines in 36 months). Network bans are very rare and only for serious offences. Channel rules are not dictated by network administration and may vary - check with your channel operators.

Note: Illegal is defined as anything repugnant to EU and/or US law. This includes (but may not be limited to) trading or discussion of child pornography, discussion of terrorism (including cyber-terrorism, of which DDoS attacks are classfieid as a subset), and/or trading of copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder (no "warez," XDCC, IRC torrent trackers, etc.).

A word on administration intervention, conventions, and services offered

Administrators will not run an IRC channel for you - if you can't run the channel yourself, consider joining an established one.

You may request +P be set on your channel if it is a well-established channel to make it permanent.

V-hosts are available upon request. See /msg HostServ help. Some self-help cloaks are available with /msg HostServ take.

BotServ bots are available upon request.

Administration will not K:Line users you have banned from your channel unless they are breaking network rules.

Do not ask to become an IRC operator. You will be ignored.


Remember that use of Interlinked is not a right and is considered similar to a public park - we will remove any rulebreakers with or without prejudice, and an appeal may fall on deaf ears!

Channels which violate the rules will be seized by Interlinked administration, with no appeal possible. Do not create a channel which violates the rules.

All decisions on K:Line appeals are final.