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This article is about an IRC channel. Point your favourite IRC client to #Sporks

This channel is, as of the writing of this article, the largest channel on the network, and is the heart of Interlinked. Many Interlinked IRC operators are also #Sporks channel operators.

What we're about

We're about nothing. Literally. It's like Seinfeld. We spend most of our time musing about things like modern-day GreekGeek philosophers, playing games (Civilization 5 and Minecraft are our favourites collectively), and talking about code.


Sporks started as ##Sporks on freenode as a branch from a channel called #Dealthcider owned by a guy named borg/bspec/mspecnur. The original split was due to a desire for more control over affairs of the channel, plus the guy who owned it was a weirdo paedophile. The original founding members were Spaz (now Elizacat) and HellDragon (now Jade). Other members were scorche and lstarnes (there were others too). When we speak of The Originals, the people who can remember ##Sporks are who we speak of.


#Sporks moved to Staticbox in 2008, and renamed to #sporks, since we overstayed freenode's welcome due to... various issues. It's a long story. Mostly had to do with trolls and HellDragon.


#Sporks moved from Staticbox in 2009 due to constant IRC operator abuse (mostly zimmy (now stitch)) and nenolod's interference to a small network called Nocebo.

Transition to our own network

#Sporks left Nocebo in 2010 citing conflicts with the leadership (drug-addicted IRC operators... seeing a pattern?) and created their own network with an... interesting history of its own.


The first incarnation of said network was SporksNet/SporksIRC. Janus was the first major influence and a source of many users.


In 2011, SporksNet merged with WooMoo (a project of alyx) to create SporksMoo. #WooMoo from WooMoo was later merged with #sporks.


In 2012, SporksMoo merged with arinity and OSPNet to create Interlinked. OSPNet quickly left the game before the name change fully took effect. They are practically inconsequential to the history of the channel. #arinity merged with #sporks.


Not too many. Please read them before chatting with us.

Further Reading

There is a whole category dedicated to this channel. Please see that category, if that sort of thing interests you.