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#Sporks, like any other IRC channel, has rules. These are the rules. Note they are subject to change at any time, but probably won't.

Ignorance of the rules, just like the law, is no excuse.

Remember that use of the channel is not a right and is considered similar to a public park - we will remove any rulebreakers with or without prejudice, and an appeal may fall on deaf ears!


The rules are largely the same as the network rules, in order of precedence:

  1. Don't be a dick
  2. Don't do (or plan to do) anything illegal
  3. Bots must follow the network and channel bot policy

Bot Policy

In addition to the network policy, our bot policy is as follows:

  • No commit bots
  • Only chatbots are permitted to speak without being spoken to — others must only speak on-demand
  • Bots must not target anyone in a message other than the requestor aside from the chatbots/babblers
    • If you are annoyed by the chatbots/babblers, add *!*@chatbot/* to your ignore list
  • CTCP in the channel or unsolicited CTCP is prohibited, aside from ACTION (/me)
  • Each bot must use a unique command prefix to avoid stepping on each other
  • Following a vote, all bots now must be approved by the channel operators (network staff) before joining the channel.


Apparently "being a dick" is too vauge for some amid accusations we abuse power (despite having three bans in 36 months) - here's a few things that will break it down for you (this list is obviously not exhaustive):

  • Starting arguments for the sake of arguing
  • Being combative or excessively stubborn on purpose
  • Trolling
  • Flaming
  • Insulting others
  • Botnetting
  • Vandalism (not the band. They're still allowed.)
    • This would include topic vandalism


Here are some of the things which are illegal (also not exhaustive):

  • Discussions or trading of child pornography
    • Discussions, in our experience (I can't believe we have experience with this), inevitably lead to trading - which is illegal
  • Discussion of actively DDoSing a target - this isn't anonops
  • Trading of warez
  • Writing botnet scripts or other malicious software, or discussion of creating such software
  • Libel, including false accusations of rape, incest, or paedophilia
  • Discussion of fraud (including carding) or theft
  • Planning or conspiring to commit illegal acts

None of the items on this list are up for discussion, so please do not argue with them.