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Interlinked hosts an Internet Relay Chat network, also called Interlinked.

How to connect


All channels and users on Interlinked's IRC network must follow the Interlinked Code of Conduct. The Code is not yet available on this wiki, but it is practically identical to the one used on MST3K.

Additional Rules

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Don't do anything illegal.
  3. VHost requests must either be an invalid domain, or one owned by you.
  4. Nick and Channel Expiration:
    1. Nicks and channels do not automatically expire.
    2. However, after 90 days of not being used (according to /msg NickServ INFO <nick> or /msg ChanServ INFO <#channel>), you may ask an oper to drop the nick.
    3. Nicks won't be approved to be dropped if they're the main nick of someone who currently owns an active channel.
    4. They also won't be dropped if they belong to opers or Interlinked Foundation members.
    5. Opers may refuse to drop a nick for any other reason, as long as they share that reason with you and the other opers.
    6. Any denials may only be appealed to the President of the Interlinked Foundation.
  5. Connection attempts are monitored. Interlinked may look up your IP address in DNS denylists and ban hosts that appear in these lists. These lists include but are not limited to lists of known botnets and Tor exit nodes.

Major channels


  • #Sporks - The weird funnel of the internet. Interlinked's main (anti-?)social channel.
  • #help - Go here if you need help with using Interlinked.
  • #interlinked-foundation - The official meeting place for the Interlinked Foundation.
  • #bothell - Bot Hell - the place for being tortured by bots for all eternity
  • #code - Anything involving programming

Adélie Linux


  • #Adelie - Development and discussion
  • #Adelie-Support - User support. Go here first if you have questions about Adélie.
  • #Adelie-Social - Adélie's general social channel