Code of Conduct

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This is adapted from the version in the Bylaws, formatted for viewing on a wiki. Small changes have been made to capitalization and to add links to articles defining controversial or poorly known terms.


Section 1. Purpose

The code of conduct is a set of guidelines that all members of the Foundation shall abide by, and all users of Organization services. It is intended to maintain a civil environment and assist in furthering our purpose.

Section 2. Applicability

The Code of Conduct shall apply to all Organization members, trustees, and operators and users of foundation services and programs. It shall apply on any Organization-op-erated services and programs and Organization-owned property. Applicability is at the discretion of, in ascending order of precedence, authorized persons in a position to technically execute penalties, the person in charge of the service, or the vote of a sim-ple majority of the board.

Section 3. Banned Forms of Conduct

These forms of conduct are not permitted and will result in being removed from the Organization by determination of a board Officer:

  • Excessive advertising or spamming
  • Flooding or similarly disruptive posting
  • Badly-behaved or malicious bots on online assets
  • Stalking, harassment, or bullying
  • Threatening or advocating any grievous bodily or emotional harm
  • Promotion of authoritarian or undemocratic forms of rule, including fascism and Stalinism
  • Denial or skepticism that documented genocides, pogroms, or purges, have taken place
  • Content that is prohibited in the United States or the state of Oklahoma
  • Any sexual content (including artistic content) depicting anyone under 18, rape, or sexual assault
  • Consistent patterns of bad-faith trolling
  • Unauthorized distribution of any personal information or data
  • Attempting to abuse the code of conduct, pursuing an issue that has been re-solved to the Organization's satisfaction, pettifogging, or rule lawyering
  • Unauthorized usage of Organization assets
  • Any other bad-faith behaviour, at a board Officer's or the Board of Trustees' discretion

Section 4. External Conduct

The following forms of conduct shall be removed insofar as possible within technical limitations if seen on Organization resources from external sources:

  • Astroturfing
  • Racial or ethnic slurs, if not part of a pattern of otherwise banned behaviour
  • Uncivil, uncouth, rude, or bad-faith behaviour
  • Refusing to end debate after being asked by the other party
  • Bots that republish content without the permission of the original creators
  • Untagged explicit content
  • Propaganda
  • Jingoism
  • Advocating or promoting acts that are illegal in the United States or the state of Oklahoma
  • Advocating extreme violence or armed insurrection
  • Political extremism not otherwise prohibited
  • Any other unwanted behaviour that is not necessarily in bad faith but not desired to be associated with the Organization or its members or services, at a board officer's or Board of Trustees' discretion