Meetings/Ad Hoc/2020-09-12

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Ad hoc meeting, 2020 Sep 12.

  • Time: 7 PM US Central Time
  • Location: #interlinked-foundation
  • Votes open through 7 PM US Central Time on 2020 Sep 19.


  1. Dues - suspension and continuation - Lee/Elizabeth
  2. Plans for redrafting and recodifying bylaws - Lee
  3. Official Interlinked website - Lee/Alyx
  4. Inducting Max and/or Calvin as members? - Lee/Alyx?
  5. Using the wiki for meeting coordination - Lee
  6. Defining membership and scope of Technical Committee - Lee
  7. Rekeying the Vault - Lee
  8. Wiki content policies - separating sporks content to another wiki? - Lee

Suggest other topics in #interlinked-foundation.

Minutes and votes

Suspending dues through end of 2020

Question: "Are we all ok with suspending dues until the end of 2020, with the option to pay dues if you feel like it?" Votes:

  • Lee: yes
  • Alyx: yes
  • Madeline: yes

Alyx notes that we should revisit due pricing and schedules, but it's not relevant to the matter of postponing dues.

New bylaws

Lee proposes rewriting bylaws. Madeline and Alyx agree.

Lee's tentative plan: "have a final draft to vote on ready by 14 November, with an initial draft ready by 24 October, and have everyone submit ideas here, in PM with me, or on the wiki by 17 October"

Votes on Lee's plan:

  • Alyx: yes
  • Madeline: yes
  • Awilfox: yes
  • Aji: yes

Official website

General support for using Lee, Madeline, Alyx, and awilfox vote in favor.

Alyx, Lee, Madeline, awilfox, and aji agree on letting TC change site without needing board approval. Alyx notes, with Anna's seconding, that we should have a wiki page for this: Bylaws/New Draft 1

New members

Max accepts nomination. Alyx, Madeline, Lee, aji, Anna approve.

cb accepts? Alyx, Madeline, Lee, Anna approve.

Using the wiki for meetings

Madeline and Alyx agree that the wiki is helping make meetings matter, so Lee will continue using the wiki to coordinate and record meetings.

Membership and Scope of the Technical Committee

Alyx proposes that the scope of the TC "does not define what services we offer nor our content/usage policies, but does cover how we (administer, but not in the content-sense) all services/platforms". Alyx, Lee, and Madeline agree.

Alyx proposes that "we establish the current TC now, and moving forward adding members to the TC requires the TC's approval as well as P/VP approval". Alyx, Madeline, and Lee agree.

Lee proposes that the list be Lee, Alyx, Madeline, Awilfox, and Elizabeth. Lee, Madeline, and Alyx approve.

Alyx proposes that TC control all services except Vault. Lee, Madeline, and aji agree.


Awilfox volunteers to be the extra keyholder replacing the Secretary because Lee is both Secretary and President.

Lee, Awilfox, Madeline, Alyx agree on requiring 2 keys to unlock the vault.

Wiki content

Aji, Alyx, Madeline, Lee, Awilfox agree to keep #sporks stuff in the Sporks namespace.