Meetings/Quarterly/2021 Q2

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Date: 2021 May 29.


1 - A statement on the recent happenings on freenode

  • Yes: raven, madeline, cb
  • No: aji
  • Abstain: alyx, Freeyorp

2 - Cosigning the Atheme statement by alyx and Ariadne

An open letter from Atheme's developers and community

  • Yes: raven, aji, madeline, cb, alyx, Freeyorp
  • No: none
  • Abstain: none

3 - Should we move or upgrade our RamNode IRC VMs?

<raven> They've been a little laggy recently and so is my personal VPS
  • Yes: none
  • No: none
  • Abstain: raven, madeline, cb, alyx(?)

3a - Delegate Motion 3 to TC

  • Yes: raven, alyx, Freeyorp
  • No: none
  • Abstain: none